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place about 30 mi north of Seattle Washington. rich little town main school is Kamiak high. all the kids drive bimmers audis jeeps or some sort. Kamiak is a druggie school. you can get some good dank in mukilteo as well as some BEANS (oxy cottin)
"i l ive in mukilteo my parents are so rich i just ask for money to go to the movies but i buy some WEED"
by knight of kamiak high August 19, 2008
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Small rich town in Washington filled with old men who worry too much about lawn care. Anyone who lives here wishes they lived somewhere else more interesting.
Person 1: Hey where are you from?
Person 2: Mukilteo. It's kinda close to Seattle.
Person 1: Never heard of it.
by Aarontv June 17, 2008
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