Mug-Ugly. It relys on a common stereotype of an ugly crimminal. It is a term used to describe a severly ugly person, most likely a woman.
If the times are tough, I'd sleep with a mugly bit*h too.
by Yugo January 03, 2004
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Combination of the words "mucho" and "ugly". Basically, very ugly.
Man, is she mugly!
by fortress star 11 July 28, 2010
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A word defining uglier than ugly.
An old fat comes in the room and looks directly at you.
"Ew, mugly man"
by Eric, Stephanie, and Amanda September 30, 2006
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1. Madd ass ugly
2. Mother Fucking ugly
Her face is Mulgy.
The car was in a wreck an it has a mugly grill.
by The O'bucket October 21, 2005
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motherfuckin ugli!
ayo, see dat girl Casey, she mugli AF!
Brian got a head that belongs in a zoo, the guy is mugli.
by moonclock January 15, 2015
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