It’s just fun in a mug what’s more to it?
Just cum in a mug and you got this definition your welcome world!
by Potato.Chu October 26, 2020
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a thing sometimes seen in jacksepticeye vids the design of the mug says unt and the cup handle is the c im cunt
by jaideananimationsfan20 November 11, 2021
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cute mug is cute
one day cute mug went on a walk
by coolgirlXD March 1, 2021
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diligent - meaning hard working/dedicated

mug - british slag for fool
See Nathan over there? He's a diligent mug fam
by trapmulla December 22, 2017
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the unt mug is a passive aggressive mug which has the letters "unt" which are placed right after the c shaped handle
guy 1: "Hey did you go to the University of North Texas?"
guy 2: "No why."
guy 1: "Why do you have their mug then."
guy 2: *Takes sip from unt mug*
guy 1: *Notices*
also guy 1: "This is why i'm in therapy."
by the one guy you know September 8, 2020
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It can hold up to 11 oz and It has 9 different color options.

It's an overpriced mug, costing $32.95.

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Person 1: Hey do u have a spare $32.95 dollars?
Person 2: Why would you need it?
Person 1: I would buy the Urban Dictionary Mug that has the word "Big Dick Energy on it"
by FuriousMisterbaiter March 31, 2022
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