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The feces squeezed out of the male urethra after having engaged in anal sex
The mudworm was so long we promised to donkey punch her the next time...
by Master Shake March 15, 2004
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Mudworm: a long brown turd. mudworms are mostly indigenous to the dank confines of the cities sewers, but some time they can be spotted in the wild. sometimes they sit poised; curled on themselves like a frosty ice-cream cone, or a venomous snake ready to strike. It is not advised to pick up or handle these creatures- unless you are German, or two girls with one cup between you!
billy- hey guys, come check this out, I think it is a mudworm in the grass!

dillweed- no, timmy, dont touch it! eww, grody!
by thespecialedge February 02, 2011
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