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A contraction of the phrase "monkey see, monkey do."

A muckadoo is often known by other names such as a liberal, a leftist, or a @#$% idiot. It is a creature that uses odd and illogical behaviors and speech patterns that it copied (sometimes with small variances) from another creature - usually another muckadoo.

They are located throughout the fifty states, though are rarer in some areas while extremely common in others. They tend to infest college campuses and often can be found online at such sites as Democratic Underground and commenting at Daily Kos.

Q. Can muckadoos be dangerous?

A. Easily startled, a muckadoo is rarely of any danger. Because of the shrill sounds they make and their pungent odors, they are classified simply as a nuisance.

Q. These muckadoos are all saying the same things. Are they really different muckadoos, or one posting under multiple names?

A. They are different muckadoos. What you have encountered is the mimicking behavior essential to a muckadoo. When a muckadoo sees something another muckadoo does or says, that appears "clever" or entertaining to the muckadoo, it will repeat said behavior now thinking itself to be "clever" (though the repeated behavior often has no real meaning when analyzed). This mimicry of muckadoos makes it hard to distinguish them from each other, but being so involved with muckadoos as to need to be able to tell them apart is discouraged.

Q. I see a large gathering of muckadoos yelling and waving signs. What is this?

A. Sometimes an alpha muckadoo will organize other muckadoos into a pack that meets at a specific place. Then when this pack of muckadoos encounters certain stimuli (usually T.V. cameras), they will begin to make noise and display their colorful signs. This phenomenon is called a "protest."

Q. What are they protesting?

A. Nothing. The name "protest" is a bit misleading as these muckadoo gatherings have nothing to do with protesting anything specific. Apparently, muckadoos gain great pleasure from making noise and waving signs, especially if given attention.

Q. I noticed the muckadoo has a strong, foul smell. Is this usual?

A. Yes. It's their main natural defense. If it becomes too much of a problem, try spraying the muckadoo with a hose.

Q. I sprayed the muckadoo with a hose, and he called me a "fascist." What does that mean?

A. Like many of the muckadoos utterances, it was something that once had a meaning, but such meaning is now lost. "Fascist" is simply a meaningless epithet used by a muckadoo to show displeasure with a person.

Q. Should we ever be concerned with the actions of muckadoos?

A. Though shrill and often seen on T.V., they are considered revolting by most Americans and have little effect on the country at large. Instead, they are a constant but harmless nuisance. To keep them from bothering your household, simply put out an American flag. Its bright colors tend to scare away muckadoos (though don't question their patriotism).
by (I am) John Doe March 07, 2008
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Originated with Frank J. of

You will find the very first use of this word at:

"monkey see + monkey do =muckadoo"
* consider yourself political even though you don't follow many news sources but are very good at yelling things and waving signs.

* think anyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi and should be rounded up and placed in camps.
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