Microstranscations. An abbreviation commonly used in the MMPORG gaming world (such as in WoW or RuneScape) to describe the modern gaming industry where games are filled with money-grabbing microtransactions.
Player 1: Did you read about the new game update?
Player 2: Yeah but it's mostly just lame mtx stuff.
by wuuuuum October 26, 2017
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A mix of different audio sources, all into one single audio track.
Person 1: My friend and I both recorded the concert.
Person 2: I can help create a MTX for both of your recordings.
Person 1: A what?
by bearsbearsandmorebears July 16, 2019
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The MTX Jackhammer is one of the largest (if not THE largest) subwoofer loudspeakers ever manufactured. It is often used in automotive applications, where it needs its own dedicated alternator, battery, and capacitor bank. It is very large and weighs several hundred pounds. It is in fact so large that it will not easily fit in a normal car. It is best suited for minivans, SUVs, Hummers, and the like. Speakers this large are often considered overkill for car audio.
My friend just got an MTX Jackhammer for his riced minivan.
by chonk cat February 7, 2009
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--Infinity Kappa 693.9i -- 6x9 speakers --- Three-Way Loud Speaker---
110 Watts RMS Power by 2, @ 2 OHMS
--MTX Thunder 282 Amp -- 2 channel amp---
140 Watts RMS Power by 2, @ 2 OHMS, 14.4 Volts


Install this in any car and be prepared to be blown away
infinity kappa 693.9i with mtx thunder 282 amp
infinity kappa 693.9i with mtx thunder 282 amp
by blthrskt December 1, 2009
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