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Mrs.Galloway is awful teacher that nobody likes. She will take you to the priciple's office for anything you do. She has a huge donkey and is slower than Lary the snail. She is the type of teacher where even the nicest parents get mad at her. Even if you just look at Mrs.Galloway, you would fill like you would want to give her I nice, harmless, hood-like beating. She would pretend to cry over you, but everyone knows that She's just a fake person, with a fake face painting(makeup)that looks like a clown, and has a huge fake donkey. She is fatter than two Jupiter-planets and Pluto combined with a pregnant blue whale, which is carrying quintuplets. you know how wrecks happen? well that's an everyday thing for Mrs.galloway, her life is wreck. most of all, she phicically and emotionally looks like a blobfish.
"Hey , you see that blobfish, yeah, but we don't call then them that now, we call then Mrs.galloways."
by Mrs.Galloway May 15, 2018
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