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Someone who is very confident, intelligent, sensual, sexy and knows they are good in everything and every way possible without doubt. Someone who is very successful and happy in everyday life. Always very straight forward and honest sometimes to honest. Fast talking and smoothness is a way of life and comes in second nature without thought. Always able to go above and beyond what a person thinks of him/her. Never shy or bashful can always have a converstion and never meets a stranger. When in the bedroom him/her is breath taking and more than you could ever imagine and it can last from a couple hours till all night. When you meet a Mr. Gray it will be easily noticed and you will be drawn to them just by looking into his/her eyes without even realizing its happening.
The guy I meet last night was a mr gray. was so amazing had me wanting more the whole time I just couldn't say no to him.
by Itsmeseesee November 13, 2014
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