1020 is code for Ecstasy, Molly, or Blue Molly (MDMA, MDEA). The Blue Molly could be MDEA (anywhere from 100mg to 200mg) and sometimes Blue Speed is added (anywhere from 5mg to 25mg) or sold separately. It's usually because MDEA is not as energetic as MDMA and is described as more relaxing and stoning than MDMA. Also, Methylamine is harder to find than Ethylamine, making MDEA and Ethylamphetamine more common and MDMA rare. October 20 is Blue Molly day, and it's where you take Blue Molly at either 10:20am, or more commonly, 10:20pm. Then you will love stuff and people and be super social and be rolling. You will be happy as fuck (superhappy), followed by a few days of depression.
Tyler: I took an E pill with 120mg MDEA and 10mg Ethylamphetamine at 10:20pm. I was rolling for hours. The next few days, I took Kratom to prevent the Molly based few day depression. It's 1020 time!
by CognitiveFuel April 11, 2023
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10=L 20=V
L is the 10th letter of the alphabet and V is the 20th letter of the alphabet
Are you from Cali?;Naw dawgg im fom 1020 las vegas;LV
by lilpuppet January 2, 2010
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