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Mournsturbation is an exploitative process engaged in by the media once they have created sufficient "grief porn" derived from some unfortunate accident or natural disaster.

Having exploited the initial event, the media then engage in a repetive masturbatory frenzy exploiting every grief angle to the limit. It is is designed to extend the life of grievous event for the purpose of selling more media.
Examples of mournsturbation include the death of Princess Diana, repetitive display of aircraft flying into the twin towers in New York and the publication of the photographs of children and babies who perished in the recent massive Victorian wildfires. It is faux sentimentality and grief for the purpose of selling more advertisisng
by wangcar February 13, 2009
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Cheering yourself up after a relative has died by means of masturbation.
"Hey, can I see Glenn?"
"I wouldn't go in there man, his aunt just died. The only way he could cheer up was mournsturbation."
by Cochese March 30, 2016
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