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The over-sensationalizing and dramatizing of tragic events (such as the deaths of former statsmen or cowboy actors), often to a titillating degree, especially when employed in journalistic practice.
1) While the destruction of the World Trade Center was tragic, the media’s spin on it has descended into sheer mournography.

2) After Reagan died, the ensuing mournography was so obscene that I almost wished he were still alive.
by Robert Stacy August 23, 2004
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When sad situations inside of the United States or outside of the United States are exploited by news media so they have material to cover for the a couple of weeks.
Coined by Russel Brand.
"Hey did you hear about the Ebola Epidemic? 700 people died man. Plus Israel and Gaza are bombing the shit out of each other. The worlds going to hell."

"Ah I see you've been watching mournography again."
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