little cool place in long island filled with posers, druggies, and preps

guy 1: "hey guy you know that kid from mount sinai"
could go either
guy 2: "yea he tried to sell me some dope, f**kin poser"
guy 2 " yea hes pretty cool"
by lilmcfuknuts April 27, 2008
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A bunch of white preppy kids who make out with their daddy for some Yeezys and all sorts of hype beast clothes. On top of that girls who also make out with their daddy for a brand new white jeep that they’ll crash and blame it on their zodiac sign
Person 1- “did you hear about the white preppy kid from Mount Sinai?”
Person 2- “he’s a faggot
by Hot Dog Pete January 18, 2021
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