n. A person who is an moron and an idiot. Originally said as a slanderous term because of its funny sound, it was later discovered to be derived from the combination of moron and idiot.
You're such a morot Wes, how could you miss our freeway exit twice?
by Francis D. June 07, 2005
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Hottest person on Earth.
Often has a very sexy accent, and nice eyes.
Likes flirting, but doesnt like anyone back.
Charles Morot s are normally very nice, cute, intelligent, and have abs.
They are adored by most girls in their school.
Hey look at Charles Morot! He's so hot! He just looked at me in English class!
by pdjfnbcuygaeruq3 October 29, 2011
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"Carrot in hash" in swedish.

Having carrot in hash is a controversial subject in Sweden.

The original hash is potato and meat fried in a pan and usually has a fried egg on top. But some people prefer it with carrots.
Morot i pyttipanna är den bästa pyttipannan.

"Carrots in hash is the best hash."
by Morot i pyttipanna October 20, 2020
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