A (usually begrudging) expression of yielding acknowledgement to a person's lifestyle, decisions, or any other characteristic that they choose for themselves, be it against your own ethics. You may disagree with them, but you recognize their right to whatever it is they may be doing.
Did you really just eat 3 whole boxes of Nutty Buddies? That's over 3,000 calories altogether... More power to you, I suppose.
by ironyfist June 16, 2020
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More power to you means good for you, or when someone says a secret or something respectable you say thus
"I really like this kid named Timmy, don't tell anyone ok?- Gianna.

"More power to you Gianna" - josh
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When used after a comma, "then more power to you" can mean:

1. I couldn't care less.

2. That's your problem; you're on your own. Face the consequences.

3. You are unreasonable.
1. If you prefer to use software which plays Yankee Doodle Dandy with every keystroke, then more power to you.

2. If you want to date Georgina, then more power to you. I would just check to see there's not an ice pick under the bed.

3. If you still disagree with me after understanding how this sort of labor is treated in different parts of the world, then more power to you.
by Ecuadorian October 18, 2009
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