a town in Minnesota, next to Fargo, ND. but on the other side of the river.
Fag: wow, okay so your from MORE-head, heheheh do you guys give MORE-head?
Me: no. shut the fuck up, its spelled M-O-O-R-H-E-A-D. MOORHEAD! dumbass, go back to FAGO!
by hi.i'mkt November 07, 2007
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To be in a state where you are better than everybody else, with nobody even close to reaching your status.
Boy 1:He is benching 300 pounds.
Boy 2:He's on moorhead level...
by coleworld7 January 28, 2012
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the best girl you will ever meet, she is amazingly talented and she loves to be around her good friends. she will always make a good time out of things and she will love you for who you aree <33
natalie moorhead
by bogongdabing June 26, 2011
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Self proclaimed leader of the human race. Believes that it is his duty to protect our American youth from the idiocy of mindless liberals and socialists. Determined to disprove myths such as global warming and Barack Obama. Although only the tender age of 17, he is set on a career in computers and media. Not the liberal media that is. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and baking cakes with animal crackers.
Guy - Hey have you heard about Andrew Moorhead?

Guy 2 - Yeah, hes a fag.

by The Adam Carter August 07, 2008
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A person who only cares about himself.
Oh your 2 hours late guess your running on Moorhead time.
by Mitch the Beotch June 21, 2020
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