A girl who has had many trials and tribulations in her life while trying to find herself and the right person. While serching she has had many options in finding the right person , only to figure out most were just booty calls...Some cared though..Now she has found the right person and found herself in the words of song.. Always furthering her chances at a carrer in music and improving her family life and unity
Good and bad relationships and carrer choices that have made her learn
by Heather McKeel December 15, 2003
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A modest girl who won't accept any compliment you'll ever give her.
"For the last time! You are NOT ugly, Moonstar!!!"
by Klapaucius July 31, 2004
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Moonstar-Moonie is a very cute, alien-cat thing. Her species is Starrcat, and she is the only one of her species. She was born from a dying star, and she was also destin to be a hero. Some physical details about her are lavender colored wings with crescent moons on them, praying mantis-like claws on her back, cat ears, antennas, and a big, fluffy, floppy, moppy tail. She’s very sweet and kind hearted, and tries to help others. She’s also psychic too. She has two other forms, Corruption and Midnight. Corruption is the depressed form of Moonie, while Midnight is the edgy and teenage like form of Moonie. But the real Moonie is absolutely amazing, and wonderful. She’s the most sweetest thing in the world ^*^.
Moonstar-Moonie is so sweet and kind! Her hugs are big and fluffy. She loves the stars and the moon too. Oh you have no idea how cute she is! Cute lil psychic cat!
by Forever Moon April 23, 2019
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