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Describes an act when a man and his woman are having sex and when the man has a finger(s) up her ass, she moves her hand toward his ass and sticks her finger(s) up his ass. Together they are having sex and "moon docking" each other. The more fingers and closer to orgasm the greater the feeling.
"I was wrist deep in my bitch's ass last night when she snuck up on me and she started "moon docking" me. It was fuckin' awesome. I never came so hard in my life"
by CornholioMaxholio May 04, 2008
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When an individual squats over a laying individual's face - making anus to nose contact - and proceeds to fart.
"Damn, I gave her the worst moon-docking last night."

"He was passed out drunk and Jimmy gave him a moon-docking"
by UrbanDEV May 02, 2008
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moondocking is when you crap into a womens PUSSY. it is when a girl streches her vagina wide enough so somone other than herself can crap into the opening/cave of the vagina.
moondocking is when somones turd goes into a girl pussy, not her own turd though.
by RAVEMAN June 08, 2006
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Moon Docking is sometimes known as space docking. Where two penises are stuck tip to tip and one foreskin is rolled over the others.
Mike and Andrew were Moon Docking the other night at the club by the Dj decks, they really impressed the fags when mike successfully performed an in-flight refueling maneuver delivering the fuel load to Andrew.
by blueballss November 19, 2010
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