It come from ancient Spanish, meaning "Dude!". It can mean anything! From "Moo-Chos for the jumper mum!" to "That was one Moo-Chos of a fuck!" Mainly used instead of "Thank You!" though.
"Moo-Chos darlin! You give right good 'ed!"
by DonEm October 22, 2004
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An arrogant over-confident "tough guy" mentality that in reality is only possible because the mean-tempered dude is always getting physical/verbal backup and/or other assistance from one or more fellow males who are genuinely strong/brave; like many so-called "macho" guys, he's actually just a sniveling coward if he's on his own.
Tronald Dump is just a big blustering moocho --- it it weren't for Dear Old Daddy's wealth that he inherited, he'd be pichin' camp at da poorhouse.
by QuacksO May 06, 2018
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