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Refers to how the selfish-minded social spongers of the community arrogantly view/categorize any of their fellow townfolk who are gullible and/or soft-hearted enough to consistently fall for the leeches' "poor poor pitiful me" handout-requests.
It's okay to help out someone once in a while if he encounters honestly-unforeseen emergencies/setbacks that were genuinely beyond his control, but you need to be very careful that you don't just become moochandise whom every slacker in town comes running to every week for undeserved favors/assistance. Tip: To better determine if a blubberer's distress is da real McCoy or not, check da person's pockets for bottles of Cryagra; if you find some, show da dude da door ay-sap!
by QuacksO June 07, 2018
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