an alligator which some reason is hot asf, he’s from fnaf security breach
omg is that montgomery gator (or monty for short)?
by hotmommymilkieslol January 17, 2022
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An animatronic alligator from Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach that people simp for and is shipped with each member of the Glamrocks... including Glamrock Bonnie or Sundrop/Moondrop. Or put in a relationship with both Glamrock Freddy AND Glamrock Bonnie. People theorize he is the reason for Bonnie's decommission because it's said in the game that the last place Bonnie was seen was entering Monty Golf. Montgomery is considered to be the most aggressive also tallest of the band and has problems handling his anger and seems to have an accent of some sort and it can be heard when he says "Hey kid. Come on out." It may be southern or something (I don't know for sure though). In his golf course, one of the holes has Bonnie's disembodied head as well as a stage with himself taking the lead singer role with Chica and Roxy up there while Freddy is in a dumpster.

In my opinion, I don't like him at all. His character design is quite amazing, but the things that he and Roxanne Wolf say get on my nerves and make me hate their personality, but they're fictional and are programmed to be like that, so... Oof, hate me I guess.
Every time I see Montgomery (Monty) Gator in his shattered form, I tend to quote the meme that goes a little something like this. “No dick. {boom} No balls. {boom} And probably no butthole either since this guy feeds on radiation. {boom intensifies}”
by Iwanttosleepforever August 24, 2022
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