A character from Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. She is a female animatronic wolf that plays the keytar. She has her room called Roxy's Raceway, a racing theme room. She has a weird narcissistic personality to where she's obsessive about winning, being the best, a sore loser, talking to herself in the mirror, and beauty. Whenever she fails to capture Gregory or loses some sport, she would cry to herself in the mirror. Her personality gets more crazy after being crushed by a go-kart, making her cry more, asking herself if she's still beautiful or not, and desperately trying to catch Gregory. From the user's standpoint, a lot of people would simp/have feelings for her due to being a furry, her voice, her personality, and is similar to Loona from Helluva Boss.
Richie: "Yo Gerald, have you heard of Roxanne Wolf from Security Breach? She's interesting though."
Gerald: "I don't know Security Breach, but I know she's a furry bait simp for FNaF fans and Simps."
by NotFunnyGoldMystery93 January 30, 2022
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someone who should be run over by a car
Hold up there's Roxanne Wolf get the car were committing murder
by Sylveon The Rapper March 7, 2023
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guy 1: hey did you play five nights freddys security breacH?

guy B: yes and roxanne wolf made me bricked up ngl
by bigstinkfour5 March 23, 2022
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Roxanne wolf is hot
"Hey have u play the new fnaf game?"

" Roxanne wolf is hot "
"What the heck u simp"

By mrstweekcoffeemug
by Mrstweekcoffeemug December 26, 2022
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