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Originated from a pet moth on a girls holiday in Spain circa 1996. The Moth was thought to be cheeky and appeared up to mischief. From then the name has been used to describe friends, colleagues and people who appear to be up no good or doing something naught. A monscrat isn't necessarily a bad person in fact it can often be used to describe a good person. In its simplest form a monscrat is someone who is fun, cheeky, has a wee naughty glint in their eye and enjoys life.
There are several examples the 1st could be used to describe an upcoming night out "I am getting monscratted tonight" Or "See him with the funky hair dancing about- he's a defo monscrat". "Check that crew over there - total monscrats!!'"Oh doll I only went out for one drink after work last night and didnt stagger home til 3am after drinking, smoking - when not supposed to be smoking and stealing a sandwich from the corner shop - I was MONSCRATTOD!!'
by monscrat mumf February 18, 2010
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