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AKA the Super Awesome and Sexy Monkey King, he is a pathetic skinny dude who works at a pathetic "health food store" called GNC, and lives in manassas.

He was a funny dude over at GBAtemp for a while, and he gained many followers for some unknown reason, but then he quit because he kept breaking the rules and wanted to leave before he got permabanned. He made a farewell post and vlog about it, even though no one gives a shit about his vlogs.

In fact, even after he quit GBAtemp he continued his vlogs as monkat7 on youtube, which consist of bitching about his customers at GNC, while he is on his work shift. He likes to walk around the store and constantly shout FUCK!!! while not giving a shit about the possibility of someone walking in during his recording.

During his time at GBAtemp he was famous for constantly talking about/showing off his nipples and his obsession over Kamina's glasses, putting them on all of his avatars and signatures. He also spammed ponies from friendship is magic before getting his last suspension before quitting. He tried to start up a podcast called the Monkast, which died after 5 episodes. People who loved him at the temp show respect for him by putting Kamina's glasses on their avatars, and you can still find them on a few members.

He occasionally posts in threads that he gets linked to by friends he has that still frequent GBAtemp, and was last seen as a guest in the This week in GBAtemp podcast episode 2.
Hmm... I haven't seen monkat in the EOF for a while.

He must of gotten suspended for posting a picture of his nipples again.
by Terminator02 June 18, 2011
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