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A podcast created by monkat when he was still at GBAtemp, it got through 5 episodes, with an unreleased first episode that was 8 hours long. The podcasts consisted of shitty news about random Nintendo products that no one gave a flying fuck about. The podcast's signature was monkat screaming at ifish for constantly derailing the podcast. The podcast was brought to an end when the moderators moved it from the General Off-Topic Forum to the Blogs Section and labeled it advertising, which made monkat furious.

TrolleyDave, the moderator who moved it, replied that he moved it because it was a personal podcast, and belonged in the blogs because it's main focus was moncast

And monkat was too much of a self-centered prick to rename it and just regurgitated "I started this podcast with the express intention of adding my name to something."
The Monkast:

monkat: and there is this new game coming out for wiiware called Wii Love --

ifish: what was that monkat? i thought you said you were coming out of the closet

monkat: ifish STFU and let me finish my sentence
by Terminator02 June 18, 2011
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