Top definition is the main site of the GBAtemp Network. It was created in the year 2002, when it started as a simple ROM hosting site.

Nowdays, GBAtemp has become a real community, mostly known for it's support for NDS/GBA flashcarts and Wii Hacking. To avoid legal issues, all Illegal files have been banned from the forums.

While GBAtemp may be focused on technology, it's community has become very tightly knit. Veteran members shaunj66 and Costello are the administrators of the site.

GBAtemp is also known for it's advocacy on electronic and digital rights.

The Edge of the Forum (lovingly called by the members as EoF) is probably one of the most active forums on the site. It's a forum devoted primarily to humor and spam.

GBAtemp branches out to numerous general topics outside of hacking and games.

Costello is king.
GBAtemp charges $90.01 dollars for a pro membership.

GBAtemp has a lot of anime weaboos.

GBAtemp does not tolerate spammers. All of them will be annihilated.

GBAtemp, in latin, means life.
by KingdomBlade June 19, 2011
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