Something that's really amazing. See mental, sick, insane, nuts, mad, wicked, rude.
If something is mental but bigger/better
This shit is monumental! (emphasis on 3rd and 4th syllables)
by Jackie-F September 21, 2005
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To go monumental is to be infatuated by one's ego to the point of acting in a exaggeratedly pretentious way. People who go monumental say things or produce art that is boring and crappy, while at the same time being ostentatious, overblown and pompous. This often creates a mental breakdown which causes the person who goes monumental to loose all contact with reality, and thus their very existence becomes utterly meaningless.
Guy 1: What's wrong with Larry? He's been acting like such a jerk!
Guy 2: I know, man. He's gone monumental.
by AlabamaBaby June 13, 2016
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