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a wonderful mother who is protective, but in a good way. she acts like a mother bear in all senses of the word; caring, protective, helpful, loving, powerful, strong, a refuge of sorts.
my mother has been acting alot like a mommabear lately, it's a nice change!
by hoffmannnnnn January 10, 2010
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a mom who protects her identity in motherhood while loving her kids. she has found a way to love motherhood and she plays to her strengths. she fights hard for what she believes in. she takes care of herself, her family, and still has fun in life. she believes in grace over perfection, and community over competition. she's a problem solver and pro-active. she's stylish, nice, smart, and confident. she doesn't participate in mom-wars and instead encourages others. she has fun in life. she's pretty much a kick-ass mom. you'd totally want to be her friend.
she is so happy being a mom- such a momma bear.
by momma bear magazine August 19, 2016
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An extroverted female (usually a virgin) who is the top dog and caregiver within social circles and is friends with many guys but does not seek a relationship or casual relations.
Ben- "You still trying to get with Momma Bear?"

Jerry- "Yea... She's nice, but she just don't put out!"
by SpenceHence May 26, 2009
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