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A social media black hole where people who popped kids out of their vaginas talk shit to each other, about each other and judge hardcore followed my saying "no judging here" but really you are.
You become a whole new type of species, divided among mom religions. Crunchy mom, careless mom, hot mess mom, and i should not be a mom-mom. Everyone is looking for friends constantly but also does not want friends but still try to set up play dates that will never happen. This group holds people who are obsessed with wine and coffee addicts who hate their or each others husbands or both. They have their own language and usually at their peak usage while laying in bed when they have nothing to do or just had a fight with their husband.
Jen "Maggie was talking shit"
Hannah "How do you know it was Maggie"
Jen"Maggie is in that mom group"
Hannah: "It was def Maggie"

Who wants to join our mom group? We totally need new friends and play dates.
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by newgenpag January 11, 2017
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