A time of the day where a person and his/hers homies are having a good time while drinking Modelo. (Originated from Passdapookie on instagram)
Example 1:

Foo1: “Ay foo what time is it?”
Foo2: “12:37 AM”

Example 2:

Foo: “Ay foo did you see the new modelo time video?”
by foo_who_drinks_modelo July 29, 2018
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When it's time to link up with your homies and have a good time drinking modelo beer.
"Ayyyyy foooo, it's modelo time fooo"

Ese: "Ay vato, what time is it"
Vato: "its modelo time fooo"
by trashcan23444 July 22, 2018
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The only time you can get Modelo and drink how much you fucken what
1p: what time is it
(Grabs a beer)
2p: oh sh** is Modelo time ese
by Yung Chung king September 9, 2019
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