Fake chocolate on "Friends". Monica did a gig as a chef for the mockolate promoters. They wanted mockolate to become the traditional food of Thanksgiving. It bubbled, people made a face when they ate it. Phoebe said it was what evil tasted like.

The company that made it went out of business, but they still paid Monica. That was pretty cool, assuming the check cleared.
Monica: Okay, this is pumpkin pie with mockolate cookie crumb crust. This is mockolate cranberry cake, and these are mockolate chip cookies. Just like the Indians served.
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd July 2, 2008
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This is fake or imitation chocolate that contains little to no cocoa beans. There are two main reasons this product exists.

1) It is simply cheaper to make imitation chocolate. Cocoa beans are very expensive.

2)Cocoa beans rely heavily on child labor in order to be harvested. Mocockolate uses little to no Cocoa products, so by using it you're reducing the world's dependence on child labor. According to the U.S. Department of Laborore than 2/3 of America's Cocoa powder comes from Africa where more than 2 million children were engaged in dangerous labor in cocoa-growing regions.
I prefer to eat mockolate instead of chocolate because I don't like supporting child labor.
by Destiny Karst January 23, 2021
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