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This is fake or imitation chocolate that contains little to no cocoa beans. There are two main reasons this product exists.

1) It is simply cheaper to make imitation chocolate. Cocoa beans are very expensive.

2)Cocoa beans rely heavily on child labor in order to be harvested. Mocockolate uses little to no Cocoa products, so by using it you're reducing the world's dependence on child labor. According to the U.S. Department of Laborore than 2/3 of America's Cocoa powder comes from Africa where more than 2 million children were engaged in dangerous labor in cocoa-growing regions.
I prefer to eat mockolate instead of chocolate because I don't like supporting child labor.
by Destiny Karst January 23, 2021
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Another name for the fire tetrahedron. It is called this because it looks like the Triforce symbol from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda. The Fire Triforce is made up of four small triangles that are arranged to look like one big triangle. The four triangles include heat, oxygen (02), fuel, and a chemical chain reaction. These are the elements necessary to create a fire as showcased by the fire triforce.
Imagine how cool it would be learning about the fire triforce in your boy scouts or brownies troop.
by Destiny Karst January 6, 2021
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