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This is how ledge people say "Let's go". It's like "Let's go" except it's more like "Let's go, we're fucking awesome."
ex 1)
Taylor: I <3 Bagels closes in like ten minutes.
Jason: .........ugh........... mob hard.

ex 2)
Ben: Is that a siren?
Keith: Popo. Mob hard.
Ben: When in Rome.

ex 3)
Glenn: Holy blunting blunt, that is a fat blunting set coming in.
Glenn: I threw them forty yards away.
Josh: You are quite a tool.
Glenn: Touche.
Josh: Whatever. I want to nail a fat wave. Mob hard.

ex 4)
Tucker: I think that gaylord Bubba is coming over here. Yes... he is heading in this direction.
Fernando: Mob hard.
by JJ the Chap Taper Legend April 13, 2008
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