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more easy, as in alcohol makes girls loosen up and become easier to get with.
1) "sip mo-eezy as we sit upon my couch"-Jeremih, birthday sex.
2) man ever since i got this new ink, it's made girls mo-eezy
by TrickMagnet July 28, 2009
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1. "Sip mo-eezy as we sit on my couch." - Jeremih, Birthday Sex.

2. Liquor store worker: "Sup ladies, what do y'all feel like drinking tonight?"
Lady1: "How much is a bottle of Mo-eezy?"
Liquor store worker: "For you, $34.99"
Lady1: "Aight, we'll take it."
by Thlimy-Ath April 12, 2011
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