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Pronounced "em-lin". Often confused with Chinese mythology but actually of American origin, an mlin is a creature best known for stealing other's clothes and trying to pass them off as his own. Able to teleport over great distances when near water, mlins are unpredictable and very dangerous near bay areas.
Jill: Have you seen my jacket?
Chris: No. Are you sure it wasn't taken my an mlin?
by rhinooooooo January 23, 2013
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MLIN is a shortened version of saying 'my life in a nutshell' it is often used on the internet especially on sites like tumblr. It is an example of text speak (e.g lol, gpoy, mlin) and is used when something applies to you.
*picture of person eating lots of food*

1- haha that is mlin.
by girlfromtumblr November 30, 2011
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MLIN is an acronym of My Life Is Nerdy

The use of MLIN began on internet message boards and is similar to the acronym memes FML, MLIA and LML.
"Today I was in a Chess tournament in a park. I got Check Mate and stood up while punching the clock for victory, I then proceeded to trip back over my stool and land on a rock and break my arm. I broke my arm playing chess. MLIN."
by lolcedricwut March 19, 2010
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Short for: My Life is Ninja

People come on this website to enter their ninja stories of the day.
Tubing with friends on three tubes behind a speed boat. One guy there I really didn’t like. At one point, there was slack in the tow lines, and when they went tight, I was launched off my tube, did a 720 through the air over the tube in between us, and landed perfectly on the other guy, then knocked him off into the water. MLIN.
by luya<3~ April 17, 2011
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