When a man puts a strap-on on the back-side of his body and engages in intercourse with a woman in front of him and a woman behind him.
Guy 1: “Yo did you have some girl at your house last night?”
Guy 2: “ yeah I see-sawed them all night.”
by DaddyB05 January 7, 2021
Reason why it's called a See-saw is because when you're up in the air you see many things, but when your see-saw partner is up in the air, you have only saw those things.
"I was on the See-Saw with my brother, when I went up, I could See the volley-ball court but when I went down, what I Saw was only a memory."
by RynTinTin January 7, 2013
A see saw is a peice of playground equiptment otherwise known as a teeter-totter. It is a long, narrow board balanced in the middle so that, as one end goes up, the other goes down.
Child 1: I like the playground, my favourite is the see saw.
Child 2: No, I like the slippery dip better.
by Flash Ash January 3, 2006
A sexual act involving 2 men and 1 woman with large, floppy breasts. The woman lays on her back, while each man slides his penis under a breast from each side. To avoid touching each other in the middle, the men coordinate going back and forth, like a see-saw.

May also be referred to as "Lumberjacking"
Man 1: "I'd fuck that fatty *under* her floppy tits."
Man 2: "Me too - let's see-saw her!"
by sureshot007 October 17, 2011
the see saw is a sexual position between two guys and a girl, but it is possible to have two girls and a guy. for the sake of this definition, we will use two guys and a girl. the two guys stand facing eachother while the girl is held by the legs by one guy and she holds hands with the other guy as he pulls her up towards his balls. the end result is the girl hanging with her front side up about waist high between the two guys, having sex with one and giving head to another. the guy holding the legs has the option of penetrating either hole.
hey do you remember see sawing that girl last night? i cant believe she agreed to do it
by tom kalousek April 16, 2007
A sex position where the male is most likely sitting in a chair. The female then hops on him making sure his dick goes up her ass while doing it. The male then reaches around the female with his hand and starts fingering her. He then coordinates the two motions of his dick going in and out her butt and his finger going in and out her vagina. When the dick goes in the finger goes out and vice versa. Therefore a see-saw motion. The male can then use his other hand for a variety of things, massaging the womens breasts, double fingering, and donkey punching.
Look at those two See-Saw!!!
by Horny Ho-Bo October 19, 2009