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1) v. - to pretend to be very trustworthy and turn around and steal something(s) from supposed friend(s).

2) adj. - to be extremely greedy and cheap, and disregard any needs of anyone around you. Also see Klondike
1) Hey you here what happened to RedKnights, apparently TheCoolness mizziked clan storage.

2) I haven't eaten in 2 days, just let me have that Klondike bar, quit being a mizzike.
by billy May 05, 2005
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(Noun)Miz-zyke -- An overasserting, likes to hear his own voice type of person. Usually large in size (aka fat) and full of shit.
I hate that fat bastard Mizzike.
by RKFTW May 09, 2005
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never shuts the fuck up. talks to hear his mexican voice.
after fucking a guy in the ass. i openly told everyone i was a mizzike.
by nick May 05, 2005
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1) Just a total douche in general who lies to and deceives his supposed friends by acting like he's cool and then turning around and revealing his complete retard self.

2) A person who won't let anyone mention any kind of band they like without blurting out their negative opinion about said band.

3) A person who is totally unaware of what an idiotic biggot they are and who has too much pride in themselves by claiming to have "haters" when said haters are really just people (everyone) who are telling said person the truth about their biggotry and idiocy.
1) Dude, did you hear about that mizzike?
No, what?

He's just a total douche now, remember how we used to hang out with and talk with him all the time?
Yeah, he was a pretty cool kid.
Yeah but now he's just a mizzike, fucking tard.

2) "So excited about the Tool concert! :D"

Comment by a mizzike: Tool isn't even worth traveling that far/paying that much to go see.

"STFU you mizzike! Just because you don't like Tool or any other band you don't like doesn't mean you have to hate on them by bothering people who are fans and saying that they suck."
Reply by a mizzike: Oh but I didn't say they suck did I? I said they aren't worth it I didn't specifically say "they suck" huh?
"Oh go die in a fire you prick. You KNOW you're hating and that you don't have an open mind about music or much else. Anywhere anyone mentions a certain kind of music or a certain band you have to go and put your negative 2 cents in like it matters."

3) A well-known mizzike: "F*ck allll dem haterrzzz!"
Various "haters": Dude quite claiming that you have "haters". You think that anybody who doesn't like you is just a 'hater' and is stupid. Well I hate to burst your bubble pal but YOU'RE the one who is a total fucktard, that's why so many people are "hating".
by DerpFoam October 20, 2010
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