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A web site geared towards the "issues" of mixed race people. The site is known mostly for its forum, which is the site's selling point. The forum is free of charge yet the administrator does ask for donations due to the cost of running an Internet messageboard. The forum while known to be cliquish, is very, very addictive. The members are a cast of characters that do a good job of reflecting the fabric of America. It's Random Thoughts thread(s) are almost like a delayed chat room and the members very uninhibited views towards sex are almost legendary.(Although they seem to suck at relationships and only a hand few have kids and/or married) While the site has its good points its almost ruined by its bad ones. Some of the members have complexes towards skin tone and hair type, one member even has to constantly remind us that she's light skinned with "good" hair. Also the board is also known for it's practice of "judging a book by its cover" with regards to members who chose to post their pictures. Members who are deemed attractive are known to get plenty of attention yet at times they rarely have anything constructive to say, yet people will hang on to their every word, persons deemed unattractive will get less attention even if they are smarter than a person who is deemed attractive. Persons who possess interesting personalities despite looks seem to be immune from this most times as with people who remain faceless. The moderators are known for their laid back approach, this is evident as few members have been banned from the board. Because the board is so addicting members have been known to intentionally delete themselves so that they can attend to offline activities that have been forsaken for the forum

The older more active members are known to have "reunions" usually during the spring or summer most times held either in New York City or Washington DC.
Even though my mother is white and my father is black, Melinda doesn't belive I'm mixed because I am too dark.
by MZDND May 10, 2005
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