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The final moss of a series of mosses, where a moss is when a potential victory or spotlight is stolen or thwarted, or in sports like basketball and football where someone steals or catches a pass that was intended for someone else.

A missmoss in general context is the last laugh of a mossing battle of any kind.
Football quarterback: (hail maries) "Catch!!"

Football player #1: (jumps for catch) "I got it-- O_O"

Football player #2: (steals catch in mid-air) "XP Mossed! Wait wha--"

Football player #3: (steals moss in mid-air) "Hahahahaha! You just got-- :O"

Football player #4: (steals #3's moss in mid-air) "ROFL. Get rekt-- XO"

Football player #5: (steals #4's moss in mid-air) "LMFAO. SIT BOI-- O_________O"

This goes on for a bit....

Football player: (catches previous moss and lands) "LMAO. Missmoss!"

Football quarterback: "Lol XD"
by wane the wordwaker August 07, 2016
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The action of stealing someone's spotlight, the most common context is in football where someone steals someone else's moss from over them. It can be used in any context when someone steals someone else's potential moment of glory or victory moment for themselves.
He had that until someone made the missmoss.
by The Great Dark February 01, 2015
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In general it is the last moss of a mossing duel. A mossing duel is a contest where two or more people moss each other to hold the moss, where a moss is anytime a victory or glory moment is thwarted or stolen with no answer.

The term missmoss originates from the sports of football and basketball. In those sports, a moss refers to a stolen pass, and a missmoss was when the pass was stolen back or again, making the original mosser "miss the moss." The term missmoss was coined for when multiple mosses happen consecutively, and the last moss of the succession being the missmoss, referring to the fact that the last moss caused the previous mosser(s) to "miss the moss" or have their own moss attempt thwarted.

A missmoss can also refer to the mossing duel itself with the person coming out on top being the holder of the missmoss. It is also used to refer to when a mosser gets mossed.
(Baller passes)

Baller #2: (readies to catch) "Yeah I'm wide open!"

(Baller #3 steals pass)

Baller: "Oh snap!"

(Baller #2 steals the moss back)

Baller #3: OH NO MISSMOSS!
by king dath August 09, 2016
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