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a super mellow west coast band that does stunningly spacey guitar solos. they like singing about drinking and mellowing out because they're so mellow. they also have crazy song titles and i like it.
minus the bear says "bands like it when you yell yar at them"
by izzzy March 14, 2006
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Another completely fantastic band from Seattle, Minus the Bear's music is generally classified as alternative punk. The name references an old TV show, "BJ and the Bear", if you were to subtract the bear from this expression, you would be left with a BJ. With insanely clever song titles such as "Houston, We Have Uh-Oh", "Thanks for the Killer Game of Crisco Twister", and "I Lost All My Money at the Cock Fights", this fine group of musicians mainly sings about drugs, women, and booze because they know the meaning of life.

After becoming familiar with Minus the Bear's music, the various track names often tend to become a part of one's regular speech patterns.

Minus the Bear consists of:
Jake Snider- Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
David Knudson- Lead Guitar
Cory Murchy- Bass
Erin Tate- Drums
Alex Rose- Keyboards

Erin Tate is quite possibly the best drummer ever. Never mind that he is at least half god.
Hey man, I'm going to see Minus the Bear at the Showbox tonight!

Tim: What's up dude?
Dan: Oh not much, I'm just kickin' it like a wild donkey, that's all.

Jake: Well, what do you think?
Dave: I'm totally not down with Rob's Alien.

Hey, have you listened to any Minus the Bear lately?
by Fine+2pts January 07, 2009
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Could you please describe Minus the Bear to us?

Yes, please describe Minus the Bear to us.

I apologize, multicultural friends, but words cannot describe...
by AzuAtoms May 06, 2008
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To get some head. A blowjob. Your cock sucked. The phrase (created by the band MTB) is in reference to the old TV show B.J. and the Bear.
Broski- Hey man what's goin down tonight?

Me- Stayin' in. Gonna hit the bong, drink a sixer and get a lil minus the bear action from my girl...
by MrHockey420 January 30, 2011
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