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When you are screwing a chick but her vagina is to dirty, you spray toothpaste/ cleaning products all over your penis to clean her up
Charlie: yeah i had to give Kirsten a minty vagina last night because she was so damn dirty!
Larry: HA! i had to give Kelli one last week too
Charlie: god damn...cant these bitches keep it clean so we dont have to give them minty vaginas!?
by The house cleaner March 02, 2005
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When you start to fuck a chick but then realize that her vagina is dirty, you go into the bathroom; smeer toothpaste/cleaning products on your penis and continue with the process of intercourse
John: God dammit dude i had to give Pocahontas a minty vagina last night!!...GOD DAMN WAS SHE DIRTY!!!
Charles: HA! that fucking sucks for you, you fucking queer...I gave lindsay a hot carl last night! u fucking loser
by John Smith February 26, 2005
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