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Someone who attempts to understand the nuances of a role-playing system in order to tweak their character to be highly optimized, usually for a single task such as combat.
"Bob is a Minmaxer. The other day i heard him saying:" "Each Agil give +1 attack power, but only while in cat form, so if i get strength gear instead, i can get the bonus while in all forms, but then again i will lose the dodge bonus, but since i wont be tanking this is an acceptable loss and i can squeeze .346 extra dps out of the character....."
by Cyphern June 19, 2006
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A role-playing game player who forgoes making a well-rounded character to make an uber-powerful combat monster. Frequently a player with low self-esteem who is intent on making their character 'better' than the others.
"Yeah, Liz just buffed out Strength and Dexterity and got nothing but combat feats. She's just a minmaxer."
by Steve H. March 18, 2005
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A min-maxer is someone who tries to maximize the minimal amount of efforts to make in daily life.
It often happens in crowded cities, where people don't hesitate to cut you off, so that they make the least amount of steps to go where they have to. In the process, they pretend they don't see you, even though you had to stop at 1/12th inch of them, right before bumping into them.
Parisians excel at this.
When visiting Paris I encountered a lot of min-maxers.
At the end of the day, I was about to go postal on anyone because of them.
by Mike G. aka migalo April 23, 2010
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