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a small person usually under the age of 10 who is referred to as this term by kids 2 or more years above them who think they're big and so kind of shoo them off with this term , or make fun of them.
beat it minikid

check out all those minikids sitting on they're pathetic little stools

i ain't gonna speak to ya minikid so get outta here scrub
by Irritating Person January 20, 2019
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a Minikid is a young person under 14 years old who clings to older poeple in order to fit in.
this word was invented by me when i was 15 and spread around my city like wildfire for teens who couldnt get rid of kid followers.

place of origin: portsmouth, united kingdom
inventor: taz james,dan cowdrew
purpose of word: a slang term for teens to describe young followers.
well knowness: estimated 300-500 poeple used this term on day to day basis.
Oh my god,why is that minikid still following us.
by TAZ PFC December 19, 2009
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