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mind-bending orgasm

A mind-bending orgasm is like being under the influence.

A guy feels like a superhero when he can turn on a gal so her b-spot swerves, her mind bends and she goes into orgasmic orbit.

A ‘mind-bender’ for short makes a gal pretty much incoherent and all she can usually do is moan 'OOOOoooooh' afterwards.
An hour after sex, gal regains consciousness: “WOW! That was a mind-bending orgasm. I feel total emotional bliss. Can we do it again?”

Guy to himself: “Boy, I’m good. Seems I’ve rearranged time and space with another mind-bending orgasm.”

Woman to friend: “Greeks may have orgasmo but I prefer a mind-bending orgasm.”
by Love Linguist March 29, 2011
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