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A horrific sex act where the victim is tied to the bed (or where ever you want them) and continuously whipped and beaten. After that the person craps all over the victim and proceed to steamroll them. Then, the person forces the victim to vomit into a bowl. Now you take a knife and cut them so they bleed into the bowl. Now you crap in the bowl and use this liquid as anal lube. Where you use this liquid to rape them as hard as humanly possible. You repeat this until the victim goes totally mentally insane. Once they go insane, dump them in the dumpster and repeat.
In going to Mind wipe your child
by Phantasm316 November 02, 2017
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Learning something that completely shatters your paradigm of what was possible.
“That movie is a mind wipe.”

I can’t believe who she’s with, that’s a complete mind wipe!”
by ThinkTank132 July 08, 2010
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