Famous phrase that is said at the London Underground warning people who use the subway to be wary of the gap between the train and the platform. It has become synonomous with the London Underground and is repeated several times by stupid, annoying, American tourists who find the phrase fascinating and funny.
by Unknown Dude August 10, 2005
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What you think when you see those hot chicks in bikinis where their thighs don't touch just below the crotch area.
At the beach with your friends...
-Holy shit! that chick is hot! and check it out "Mind the gap"!
-...yea...(takes mental picture)
by fullretarded September 23, 2011
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commonly heard on London trains.
announcement: mind the gap my g
passengers: i gotchu fam
ann.: ayyyy
passengers: ayyy
by peterpumpkinyeeter August 19, 2020
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A phrase exclaimed when spotting a woman in a bikini or tight-fighting pants who has a particularly noticeable thigh gap--the space between her inner thighs, directly below her pussy.

Thigh gaps are measured in male fingers, as in the number of fingers you could fit into the thigh gap. "Mind the gap" exclamations should be reserved for thigh-gaps of no fewer than four or five fingers.

Thigh gaps of this severity mostly happen to anorexics or girls whose thighs have been freakishly separated from being ploughed.

The phrase itself is derived from an announcement stated over the PA's on the London tubes (subway), which says in full "Mind the gap between the train and the platform."
-Mind the gap! Megan Fox's thighs are so fucking sexy.
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a joke to say to someone with a massive gap between their teeth
Taurian mind the gap lol!
by iMaNiLlUtioN April 2, 2023
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Mind the gap, is a phrase said to people whose lower backs are visible. Sometimes revealing there undergarments or their ass crack. This usually occurs during bending down or bending over. The gap, in this case is reffered to the visible amount of exposed skin. Mind The Gap can also be reffered to as MTG.
"Whoa Emily really needs to Mind The Gap"
"Dude, i can see your gap man...not cool"
"You need to MTG"
by The Rstar April 7, 2008
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it means keep up with the car in front of you when the light turns green ("the wave")...if there's too big of a gap between cars, the light changes, leaving those poor souls behind to wait through another traffic cycle...so, in consideration for the chaps behind you, "Mind the Gap" between you and the car ahead of you when the light turns green!
If you don't 'mind the gap' between you and the car ahead, you'll tell the traffic light that no more cars are coming and the light will turn red, therefore causing the cars behind you to wait for another traffic light cycle.
by Snappyhead March 7, 2015
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