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The biggest GOAT on Twitter. He is a journalist and political commentator. He's also gay, but not like those fuckboys & cunts you find on Tumblr. His political views are very right-wing, but even left-wing people agree with him. Unfortunately for him, though, he thinks all left-wing people are like fuckboys from Tumblr. His Twitter handle is @Nero.
Friend 1: I was on Twitter last night and found some dude named Milo...
by ScottishSword October 13, 2015
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A gay conservative and libertarian personality hated by CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and many other liberal news outlets. Milo became well-known thanks to his feud with Leslie Jones of Ghostbusters fame. He called her a "dude" on Twitter. This shocking tweet triggered Twitter and got his handle @Nero banned. Milo went on to speak at many liberal media outlets, attracting more conservative and libertarian followers. In 2016, Milo announced his Dangerous Faggot tour to great acclaim. The tour was meant to end in the heavily liberal college UC Berkeley, but students rioted, setting fire to buildings and causing massive property damage. This tactic backfired on the protestors, only bringing Milo more supporters and giving conservatives the moral high ground on issues such as free speech and violence. Milo declared his intention to return to UC Berkeley shortly after. Later, a video surfaced of Milo seemingly condoning pedophilia between young boys and older men. Both the mainstream media and the alt-right slammed Milo's comments, and Milo lost both a book deal with Simon and Schuster for his book Dangerous and an invitation to the illustrious CPAC. Milo apologized for his comments and has gone into hiding to recharge his anti-SJW abilities. Perhaps he shall return someday, perhaps not. Who knows?
"He's a racist homophobe!" - Joy Behar, unaware that Milo is in fact a homosexual
"Feminism is cancer." - Milo Yiannopoulos during the Triggering
by Hot Tub & Beer April 19, 2017
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