to break your neck on an solid object.
comes from the movie 'million dollar baby' in which actress hilary swank breaks her neck on a stool during a boxing match.
"omfg! did you see that jenny just went million dollar baby all over the place
by zach spitzer February 13, 2009
The best movie i have ever seen. Really really sad. I love hillary swank shes such a good actor and she seems soooo sweet. her acceptance speech was so cute. i was her for the sophmore galla at thayer academy.
:'( I'm 32, Mr. Dunn, and I'm here celebrating the fact that I spent another year scraping dishes and waitressing which is what I've been doing since 13, and according to you I'll be 37 before I can even throw a decent punch, which I have to admit, after working on this speed bag for a month may be the God's simple truth. Other truth is, my brother's in prison, my sister cheats on welfare by pretending one of her babies is still alive, my daddy's dead, and my momma weighs 312lbs. If I was thinking straight I'd go back home, find a used trailer, buy a deep fryer and some oreos. Problem is, this the only thing I ever felt good doing. If I'm too old for this then I got nothing. That enough truth to suit you?
~hillary swank in million dollar baby
by million dollar baby May 13, 2005
a term of endearment for a girl who may be ugly/fat/repulsive, but who has enough money that you are willing to overlook these defects.

do NOT use in front of her; it will screw up your meal ticket.
"last week me and million dollar baby went to the nicest restaurant in town. she treated me to a great meal and then drinks afterward."
by ljkadhkjlhds June 28, 2007
a weird movie in which a lady who is actually a guy, cough, is a boxer and wins a golden globe and possibly an oscar. Actually, the winning the oscar thing isn't in the movie, and neither is the golden globe. but that happens in real life, and then the lady gives a big speech on how amazing clint eastwood is when really she should be thanking other people too, but no, she decided just to thank stupid clint, and because of that, it became painful.
Hilary Swank: Oh gosh thanks for this golden globe yes. well clint eastwood you rock you are the best yes you are yes you are goochy goochy goo. yeah i couldn't have done it without clint. clint you are wonderful and you are talented and you directed AND acted in this and for that you need more thanks. thank you clint thank you clint. One more time! everyone together! CLINT YOU ROCK!

Audiece: ...

Hilary Swank: One more time! CLINT YOU ROCK!

Audience: ...

HS: Oh, come on, you did it for Jamie Foxx!!

Audience: ...

HS: OK, well since you won't do that, I guess I'll just have to thank clint some more!

Audience: NO!

*they hurl themselves onto the stage and HS manages to beat them to the ground*

HS: Yay...Clint?
by Hyper Girl January 19, 2005
A baby who is born to make a million dollars.
The Million Dollar Baby was destined to make a million dollars.
by Pocidum June 21, 2022