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The miley and mandy show is a youtube show that 15 year old star Miley Cyrus has started with her friend, and 21 year old dancer Mandy Jiroux, who also happends to be a glamour model, and there a pictures of her all over the net wearing 'sexy' lingerine and bunny ears, etc. She is a bad influence on young Miley.

The show consists of the two sluts talking about crap, and mostly running around screaming like retarted tweeny boppers. Alot of people watch the show, but only the stupid 13 year old girls of Youtube find it funny.

The twosome have made about 9 videos so far, one of which is a dance battle with the choreographer from blockbuster step up 2.

On the showshomepage, Miley writes something like: "99% of the video comments are wonderful and encouraging, but we sometimes get afew that are just rude and uncalled for"
It's more than only 1% bad comments.. Looking at them, It's probably the other way around.

The girls stupidly did a parody a video from fellow Disney Channel stars, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez's show, causing abit of discreet bitchiness. In a recent interview with Twist Magazine, Selena says that neither her or Demi got offended by the parody, and that 'It was flattering! They do say immitation is the nicest form of flattery' which to me sounds abit sarcastic..

If you ask me, the whole idea for the show is just going to cause more controversy, say if Miley accidently does a seductive pose or something without thinking about it, Disney have a stupid hissy fit and yet ANOTHER Miley Cyrus scandol kicks off.

But what confuses me the most, why the fuck is a 21 year old doing hanging round with a 15 year old?

Basic miley and mandy show episode:
Miley: Hey guys!
Mandy: YEEEP
*Both girls laugh for no reason endlessley for about 5 hours while preteen girls sit and watch for no reason whatsoever*
Random preteen slut: THE MILEY AND MILEY SHOW ROCKS!
Normal Preteen, or anyone else with sense: WTF are you watching this crap for?
by xBELIVEIBLEDx May 31, 2008
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