A mileage run is a trip for the sole purpose of earning frequent-flier miles; a trip to absolutely anywhere at all assuming that the fare is cheap enough so that the miles balance out the cost.
Samir Bhatnagar is about 3,000 miles short of platinum status in the Northwest Airlines WorldPerks program, and he's willing to go to great lengths to attain elite status for 2006; He searches the Internet for a cheap fare to Europe, Las Vegas or the West Coast and he will most likely take a mileage run before year's end.
by daryl June 18, 2006
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A thing where lunatics will voluntarily spend money to travel on airplanes to accumulate frequent flyer miles but without actually leaving an airport. This often consists of multiple legs flown subsequently, often over the course of several days.
Bhargav spent his weekend going on a mileage run to hit his airline's top tier status. He flew to Dubai and back but never left the airport.
by Crankyflier October 5, 2022
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The absolute furthest you can go in a limited amount of time, such as on lunch break or weekend. Place can be a nice restaurant far away, or a far weekend destination
'Do you want to go to that hamburger joint by dearborn and michigan?'
'dude, that's so far!'
'it'll be a mileage run'
by akdunno January 7, 2019
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