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verb. To spend an inordinate amount of time at work after hours without compensation.

adj. explains feelings of shock and a sense of being dumbfounded that a person would let themselves be such a tool, most often used in the context of being a tool to a corporation.

noun. a tool of this sort who lets him/herself be used by their company, and who neglects friends and family over work.

Origins are Japanese, and the Japanese subculture of the sarariman.
"Womack got sucked into that meeting right before he was gonna' jet!"
"Dawg, that nigga got mikunied!"

"Kay was at the office 'til 2AM!"
"That is mikuni!"

"He is such a tool."
"Yeah, he's a mikuni."
by tonchinkan October 19, 2007
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In Armenian, Mikuni translates to:
1) Stop Bullshiting
2) Stop fucking around
3) *Literal* Don't fuck it
Person 1: "I heard that hakop got head from one of the teachers"
Person 2: "Mikuni"


Person 1: *Keeps poking person 2*
Person 2: "MIKUNI ARA"


Person 1: "Bozi axchi has such a nice ass"
Person 2: "Mikuni"
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by Tnglis Aper April 10, 2017
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That place that is not nearly as good as Tamaya Sushi on 22nd and J St.
Douche: I want to goto Mikuni for Sushi..

Smart Person: Fuck that.. Tamaya is better!

Douche: I'm such a douche!
by MadDecent January 27, 2009
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literally the best damn sushi in california. i have traveled worldwide and have found that only mikuni offers the best sushi. its a place where only the most high-class citizens will eat and is a great place to spend you moneys.
Sally: I want sushi tonight, john.

John: Where the fuck do you wanna go?

Sally: Sushi Unlimited.

John: Shut the fuck up, mikuni is better ya fat whore!
by Z Somes May 13, 2007
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